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The 3D Design Process!

Updated: Sep 1, 2021

Is it for You??

Hiring a 3D Designer is a wise investment when planning a large, multi-phase outdoor living space; Or, when planning a smaller project and there is difficulty communicating ideas. It is also a smart investment when you have a specific budget, or "Do Not Exceed"dollar amount in mind, and you want to See the most that you can get out of a space for your money. I also design for clients who prefer to "visualize" the outcome of a project before it begins.

My specialty is communication through visualization, the modernized version of the saying: "what you see is what you get."

Where do we start?

Every project starts with Design, and every design begins as an Idea, or Thought in the Mind. My job is to translate your Thoughts into a 3D model; Communicating your vision to the construction team, and providing them with a set of build-able plans, by which we construct the outdoor living space that You have always dreamed of.

The Design Consultation

So how does this process begin? (* COVID process below) It begins with an initial design consultation. These consultations take between 1 and 3 hours, depending upon the complexity of the proposed project. During this meeting we go over everything that you would expect to have in an outdoor living space. Do you need a kitchen? A pond? Pool? Firepit? Waterfalls? Retaining Walls? Do you prefer concrete pavers to natural stone slabs? Will you be doing a lot of entertaining? Are you looking for privacy? Are you interested in using Environmentally-Friendly products during the construction phase? You get the idea. I also ask that you send me photos or links to spaces you have seen on Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Google Images, Yahoo, YouTube, or any other platform; This gives me a general idea of your style, and whether you prefer the smooth curves of freeform shapes, or the sleek-modern look of a European-style outdoor living space. My job is to bring these elements together, showing you a proposed design that meets your needs and exceeds your expectations.

*(COVID Design Consultation Process has been shortened, and most of this information is now collected via email and phone conversation. On-site measurements are the only in-person requirement and homeowner need not be present.)

On-Site Measurements

Shortly after our initial design consultation, I come back to the property to spend a day drawing on-site. The measurements begin with a top-down drone photograph of the proposed work area. I use this photograph, along with my design measurements, to accurately reconstruct your home and yard to within a 7" tolerance. This allows me to provide you or the construction team with a set of installation plans that are to-scale, and ready to build. I also ask for a copy of your survey, which allows me to overlay our design atop of it, making for easy permit approvals by government officials.

Construction Markout

This is where our vision begins to take shape. I work closely with the construction team to ensure that the project markouts reflect the exact measurements needed to ensure the perfect installation of our design. I also offer Project Management services, in which I work with the construction team throughout the entire process. I handle the design, permits, engineering, and project build for you. You get exactly what you want, without the hassle of planning,logistics, or execution.

Build Phase

This is construction, and it can get UGLY... Mud, equipment, machinery, ruts, dust, debris.... but have no fear, your finished product will look as immaculate as the design rendering when completed!

As Designed

The proof is in the finished product. When the right people are hired for the job, the project is completed in a timely and efficient manner, and the installed product looks and functions exactly as Designed.

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