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3D Design, The Best in Construction Site Communication

Updated: Feb 22, 2020

Have you ever struggled to visualize the great idea of another? Or perhaps you've struggled to effectively communicate your great vision to others'. Well, when it comes to designing, planning, and building your Outdoor Living Space, I have a solution for that; Whether you're looking to add a paver patio, composite deck, pergola, covered roof, firepit, pool, pond, water feature, or anything else you can imagine in a landscape design, I can show you how the finished product will look, months before the project even begins. How? Through the use of 3D Design software, I am able to bring to life indoor and outdoor spaces in great detail, and most importantly, to a build-able scale on your property. No more guess work, no more anxiety, just beautifully designed and masterfully created outdoor spaces; And a process that exceeds expectations time and time again. GreenPete, LLC provides mobile design services, remote design services, on-site design services, and project management. Please read about the 3D Design Process by clicking on it.

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