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Image by Jorien Loman


GreenPete, LLC & Heaaling Waters

GreenPete, LLC was formed in 2017 out of the desire to Design & Build custom outdoor living spaces on the Jersey Shore and surrounding communities.

We use 3D Design as a communications tool.  This process allows us to ensure that "what you see is what we build."


501(c)(3) Organization

"To Design and Build Zen Gardens and Sanctuary Spaces in Residential, Public, and Commercial locations for the purpose of providing a tranquil space, in which those who live with debilitating illnesses can peacefully gather to focus their Thoughts on Healing, Health, and Recovery."


A debilitating illness is any illness, disease, or condition which makes someone very weak or infirm; An illness that hinders, delays, or weakens the physical or mental abilities of a person. So as you can see, this Charity has been established so that I can provide for the greatest good for all.


Goals: The goal of Healing Waters, Inc. is to create Peace. We do so by creating an environment that is conducive to internal peace, so that your body's natural ability to heal itself is given a chance to work miracles. It's scientifically proven, and common knowledge in the medical community, that when your Mind is at peace your body heals. By creating tranquil spaces in which a person living with a debilitating illness can find Peace, we provide that person with a holistic benefit that they may add to their arsenal of conventional treatments and approaches to healing.

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